Allen Horstmanshof - Sculptor

Two pieces of Helidon sandstone.
Unit 1.  60cm high by 40cm by 55cm 
Unit 2   80cm high by 60cm by 50cm
Available: Yes 

'Two Sides of the Same Argument'

Artist's Comment: Fossilized remains of ancient animals are often found in sedimentary rock like sandstone.  By using sandstone as the medium for this sculpture of an artifact, I am playing with perceptions of reality and context. 

A narrative subtext in this work is that discoveries of bones often simultaneously unearth a vein of discord on their import and meaning among paleontologists.  These two related, but deliberately different abstract sculptures are in close proximity and are, therefore by necessity, in dialogue with each other.

There is also some core similarities between the two pieces. These are among others, the obvious use of the same medium for both as well as design links like the male/female nature of the ball and socket. The toothed chisels marks that carry over from the one to the other making a visual link between the two apparently disparate elements are another. 

As such, this work is a comment on the necessity for discourse between disparate beliefs, as their links are greater than their apparent differences.


Top: The plaster maquette for this work.

Middle: Images of each element at completion. I use textures partly to track the journey of the stone to  completion and partly to add tactile and visual interest to the work.

Below: The assembled work in place showing the design link of a ball one the one element and the corresponding partial socket in the other.  This and the use of scutch-comb and rough-hewn texture creates visual cues and links between the disparate arguments. 

It is clear from these images that the work evolves from maquette to final work depending on the dialogue between me and the stone at the time of carving.  A maquette for me, is only a guide toward the finished work.  It is not the work.





Detail of some scutch/ tooth chisel textures left as a contrast to the smooth parts and rough uncut stone