Helidon sandstone.
Height: 71 cm
Width: 66 cm
Depth: 47 cm
Weight: about 380 kg
Available: No


This work is essentially a fountain centerpiece designed for a small pond.  The inspiration for this work was a cupped hand.  In this case the hand is holding an orb representing our small blue planet at some earlier point of its evolution.


There are two ragged lines etched into the surface of the ceramic ball which the imaginative might wish to consider as being early versions of the techtonic plates that have become known as the 'Ring of Fire'.  


My intervention in this work was kept to a minimum.  As much of the surface as possible was left in its raw and weathered state.  On one edge rough saw cuts and crude chisel cuts was left as a sort of map leading to the final work and acted in stark contrast to the smoothed surfaces at the top and bottom of the work.




The concept of THOG as a fountain

Showing the ceramic ball that forms the centre focus of this work.  It also provides a significant contrast in texture to the raw and worked stone  surfaces. 


Showing the rough carving marks left as a record, or  roadmap of the work  as it moved from raw stone to finished piece


This is an image of the work as it stands today in a private garden.
It stands as the main focus feature of a fishpond. It was dedicated as a memorial to a friend who recently passed away far too young and who is missed by all who were fortunate enough to have been drawn into her ambit.