Medium: Faux bronze - patinated cellulose reinforced cement on a steel armature  mounted on a black granite base
Size: Stretch #1  (AKA " Reaching Out")
Height:  69 cm
Width:   15 cm
Depth:   35 cm

Size Stretch #2(AKA "At Full Stretch")
Height:  56 cm
Width:   15 cm
Depth:   35 cm

"Stretch #1" and "Stretch #2"

 Genesis of an idea


  At Full Stretch #1 

The Idea




Cellulose Cement raw state



#1 Raw Bronze paint


#1 Patinated



#1 Rear view

This work won first prize at the Brunswick Art Expo 2008 and was sold at that event.


"At Full Stretch #2" 

On the left is the third stage of the cellulose-cement modelling showing the rear excavated back to the newsprint core. The core was shredded and the loose paper fixed and sealed with shellac.

 On the right is the final layer of cellulose-cement before detail was added and the surface sanded back. The work was then painted with several layers of bronze paint before being lightly patinated.




The final patinated work which sold at auction






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