Allen Horstmanshof - Sculptor

Myron Meets Moore
Black Chillagoe marble on a striated white marble base
Dimensions of the two stones
Height:  Marble: 102cm
                Base:      42 cm
                Total:    144 cm
Available: Yes


The raw stone ... weathered side up

The plaster maquette

 Stage 2... shaping - side

 ...and rear.



  Stage 3







1. One side has been left in its raw and weathered state. All of the carving has taken place on the  sides of the stone of the quarry saw cut. This conforms to my philosophy of allowing the stone a "voice" in the outcome.

2. The creative process involves a dialogue between the stone and me as I am working with it.  As often happens, here I decided to depart from  the exact form of the maquette .  I was responding to what was happening in the form as it was being created. I am never hidebound by the original idea. True art evolves from an idea and is not the idea itself as many would have one believe.

  Stage 4 polished