"A New Beginning"
 A record of the journey, from idea to outcome.
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The  initial concept               

 The idea originated with a broken Hindu sculpture of the Devi Tara carved by Indonesian craftsmen out of compressed volcanic ash (Tuff). This was given to me by an artist friend whose parting comment was "You will come up with something brilliant,I know!"  Whilst I may may be familiar with the concept of a White Elephant I do nonetheless enjoy any flattery that might coem my way as well as the challenge of looking at things from a new perspective. So gave this some thought... 


  A new Approach

 ... of  how this remnant of a past traditional religious sculpture might lead onto a new beginning, both from a recycling, as well as an interpretation point of view.

 Several ideas were explored including a fibregalss upper body and a stainless steel vane etc.

Some very helpful suggestions by friends and and family were totally ignored, before I decided on embarking on a totally different direction. The line that I found of most interest was a reflection on the influences of Western art on  contemporary Eastern art trends. 

As the flame is often used in western art to represent a holy spirit, I decided to use a decidedly western art medium like Carrara marble to create a flame-spirit bursting out of the confines of the traditional tuff sculpture.

Two religious motifs giving strength to and a new meaning to, each other.

Creating the Free Spirit element out of scraps of white Carrara marble

The marble chips I planned to use (with a spatula for scale).

Stage 1  Using stainless steel pins and  epoxy glue the first two bits  were assembled together before initial carving


 Then new bits  added  the bits behind the other elementshad to be carved before pinning and epoxy gluing them to the previous  carved bits, before...

 Adding the  new partially carved section  with stainless steel pins and more epoxy... and then carving in and refining the detail

Carving each new piece until I got the full and final Spirit Element completed...


...which should have the sculpture look something like this when assembled ...  







Installed in a rainforest setting