Height: 150 cm
Width: 78 cm
Depth: 75 cm

Weight: 760kg  (estimated)
Available: Yes


In my view it is pretty much essential for a good sculpture to provide something of different visual interest, irrespective of what angle it is viewed from.    In addition, with most of my sculpture, I like to allow the medium chosen to have some input in the outcome of the work as well as to play with surface textures.    

Arabesque is a good example of these considerations.  Viewing the work from one side presents a quite different form and surface treatment than if it is viewed from another side.  The top part of the sculpture is triangular and so it has a third vertical face, which neither mirrors, nor mimics either of the other two facades.  So each side of this work presents an almost unique sculpture different from the other sides.  Texture has been used here as well as parts of the stone are smoothed to reveal the details of the striations, parts are left in the raw state and others show saw cuts and chisel marks providing a track record of the of the carving process.              

The original concept had a hole cut through the work but as I was carving into the stone I noticed that the striations in the stone created a sort of visual vortex that mimicked the perspective that would be created in a hole.  So I let the striations suggest the hole and did not excavate further.  That is what I mean by the material or medium used having input into the creative process.

Bright sunlight shows the aubergine hues, pinkish base...
and shadows on the far side reveal a different wave-like feel that echoes the origins of the formation of sandstone in vast seas and lakes


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